Whitepaper: Leveraging AI in Banking CX 2030

The whitepaper "Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry" describes how AI and digital transformation will help banks improve customer experience and increase profitability.

Banks and financial services providers are pioneers in the adoption of digital technologies. According to McKinsey & Company, the financial sector will experience a significant shift in demand for digital skills over the next decade.

Technological change is no longer just a competitive advantage, but an absolute necessity. The financial industry is under intense market pressure, including competition from fast-growing tech companies, a wave of complex regulations, and a new generation of tech-savvy, digital customers.

Banks are now leading the way in this new era of digital transformation (DX) by redesigning the customer experience, fostering a new work culture, streamlining operations and driving product innovation.

This whitepaper explores the role AI plays in banking today and how banks are leveraging AI to transform their business models:

  • How does AI impact the customer experience?
  • Why do banks need to leverage AI?
  • How can AI help banks achieve better outcomes?