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Whitepaper: Leveraging AI in Banking CX 2030

Banks and financial services providers are pioneers in the adoption of digital technologies. According to McKinsey & Company, the financial sector will experience a significant shift in demand for digital…

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Whitepaper: Automation and Analytics in CX as the Key to a Next-Level Insurance Industry

Traditional insurance companies will find it increasingly difficult to generate attractive returns unless they quickly adopt digital technologies. And the data shows that those that do adapt are much more…

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How To Use Customer Journey Orchestration Platform For Customer Experience Optimization 

In today’s world, marketers and digital transformation professionals know the importance of a holistic view of the customer and their interactions with their organization. Most organizations have moved beyond simple…

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Social Selling from a Spanish consumer experience perspective

How do Spaniards shop on social networks? How do we perceive this transactional experience? What are its advantages, what are its pitfalls and difficulties? What do we demand throughout this…

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5 Challenges that back-office operations face

However, the breakneck pace of technology innovation coupled with customers’ increasing expectations and demands can be a formidable combination to handle. It’s easy for customer loyalty to disappear if service…

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De-seasonalization: the only way out for the stability of the tourism sector

We all know that the influx of tourists to a destination is not constant. There are seasons with a lot of affluence and seasons with absolutely no work. This is…

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