How To Use Customer Journey Orchestration Platform For Customer Experience Optimization 

Customer Journey Orchestration Platforms (CJO) is a proven and highly effective approach for organizing the analysis and tracking of customers’ interactions with your software, marketing activities, and digital channels. Learn how!

In today’s world, marketers and digital transformation professionals know the importance of a holistic view of the customer and their interactions with their organization. Most organizations have moved beyond simple page views, transactions, and touch-points. 

Today, we can track complete journeys through time-series or path analysis and correlate these digital journeys with customer surveys, support tickets, or calls to customer service. This can be incredibly powerful if done well though it can also be a lot of work.  

In our blog, we will discuss how the Customer Journey Orchestration Platform can provide a unified view of the customer in real-time and how it can provide insights into your customers across all channels.  More importantly, we will discuss how this can help you build better customer experiences that improve customer retention and loyalty.  Read the full article on