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Lenovo: Leading the Digital Transformation of a Technology Giant

Challenge: Moving From Product-Centric To Customer-Centric

Annually, Lenovo participates in 3 global technology events, as well as several mini-events dedicated solely to Lenovo where the company’s latest innovations and products are presented. Lenovo called Findasense to work together on three social media campaigns before and during the events (online to offline and vice versa): Mobile World Congress ’16 in Barcelona, Lenovo Tech World ’16 in San Francisco (USA), and IFA ’16 in Berlin, preceded by Lenovo Launch – the brand’s exclusive meeting with fans and press.

Thanks to the proximity to the user that social media offers, the activations around the event provide a unique opportunity to receive first-hand feedback on new products from the community. They are also the best time to increase Brand Love – this is when social media activity is at its highest in both owned and earned channels.

Lenovo’s social presence and activations were and are aimed at:

  • Increase interactions and social buzz before and during events.
  • Reach the maximum number of interactions with fans around the world (not only in the region or country where the event takes place), with an emphasis on EMEA, USA and Asia-Pacific.
  • To translate the offline experience to online social platforms.
  • Offer an additional offline experience for event visitors to strengthen their top of mind (MWC 16).

Solution: Generate A Human And Social Experience, Innovate With Consumer Engagement

Through planned social media activations, as well as real-time content creation, Lenovo started to get closer to the consumer, offering them a human and social experience, both online and offline. With social networks, through close and interactive content, the brand engaged its community, involving them in its technological innovation processes.

One example was the crowdsourcing of creative ideas to build a Social Art Gallery with interactive paintings at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Visitors enjoyed the “living paintings” through Augmented Reality applications on Lenovo cell phones, while online users could take the paintings home by participating in an online contest.

After an in-depth analysis of the client’s category, we chose to use the WOW effect to move away from product marketing and focus on the sensations that technology and innovation can lead to.

In this way, Findasense plans content focused on the different milestones of the brand, using innovative formats specifically created for Social Networks. Thus, users interact with content perceived as ad-hoc that respects the idiosyncrasies of the RRSS and at the same time conveys the message that the brand wants to communicate transversely in its marketing actions.

Results: More Reach And Proximity To Consumers

In the three key tech events in 2016, Lenovo has achieved:

  • 20.2 million interactions.
  • 21.8 million video views.
  • 500,000 brand mentions at the events.

In addition, it achieved 2 trending topics and most talked about brand on social. Reach extended to more than 140 countries globally.

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How it works

Lenovo: Leading the Digital Transformation of a Technology Giant