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Future Proof RPA Solution and X-Functional Center of Excellence

Challenge: Striving for Automation Excellence

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was identified by the company as a major potential lever for automation and cost saving within customer service. These effects were expected not only in agent frontend transactions, reducing handling times, but in backend activities and online customer touchpoints as well.

Additionally the desired RPA solution was intended to serve as bridge technology in regards to different digital transformation initiatives planned and to sustain performance or temporary workarounds in application developments.

Solution: Future Proof Scalable Technical Solution & X-Functional RPA COE

After a thorough analysis of different potential RPA solutions the technical decision, selection and implementation was made up upon the following criteria:

  • Flexibility/Scalablity => Virtual Setup
  • Security/Maintenance => Cloud Based Infrastructure in EU
  • Easy Steering/Management => Automated Controlling/Use Case Management by RPA Supervisor Software Solution

To achieve the best operational and financial results, the setup of an x-functional agile RPA Center of Excellence (COE) team as a BUS-DEV-OPS-model was forged and accompanied, defining and prioritizing potential use cases to be automated, with focus on overall company benefit.

Additionally automated processes, policies, procedures and workflows were established to identify new use cases within the company, validate and verify assumptions taken, prioritization of use cases, track results and thus supporting the financial controlling of effects (i.e. budget reductions) in the respective divisions.

Results: Establishment of RPA as X-Company Solution

In 4 years of continuous evolution the implemented RPA solution has demonstrated approved benefits and operational results:

  • Implementation of >150 Use Cases
  • Over 9m transactions p. year
  • Saving of >300k Working hours p. year in customer service alone
  • Saving of >8m€ p. year in non-customer service areas (HR, Network, Finance)
  • Avrg. ROI <6 months

Due to the RPA COE X-functional setup the delivery focus has been expanded beyond customer service, contributing increasing significant financial and non-financial effects.