Our work

Customer service health check delivers end-to-end improvement

German fintech wanted to create a new product and redesigned their entire operating model. Junokai performed a health check to analyze the AS IS State of the customer service activities.

Challenge: Diffenrentiate through customer experience

Become market leader in the fintech area and differentiate trough Customer Experience. This included the product, UX, and customer service.

Solution: End-to-end improvement of customer service

Greenfield approach to reinvent the customer service landscape. This included the sourcing of a new tool landscape, the definition and design of future processes, the implementation of a digitalization strategy, the definition and introduction of appropriate KPI’s, the creation of a new organizational structure, the evaluation of the current potentials within the organization as well as support in the recruitment of external candidates. Final definition of a Voice of Customer strategy to measure customer satisfaction.

Results: Strong customer experience focus established verified by kpis

Successful re-organization of the customer service department. Re-assessment of talent and identification of new talent that was promoted into management roles. Established an understanding for KPI’s and increased efficiency in handling customer enquiries. Implementation of salesforce as leading platform. Junokai also redesigned all customer facing processes within the website and the app for the client, establishing a strong Customer Experience focused mindset.