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Grupo Bimbo: The Connection Center (CC), a Digital Transformation and Innovation Asset

Challenge: Not ready for the future?

To navigate towards the future of business you must prepare the digital, technological, methodological, and operational assets of your organization. During a thorough diagnose stage we discovered seven main problems in the organization CS/CX ecosystem that needed to be addressed to move forward with their digital transformation: everything was managed in silos, absence of a channels’ strategy, isolated knowledge base, diminished (or inexistent) listening, incomplete digital strategy, isolated content creation, and isolated reporting.

Solution: An Omni-Channel & Omni-Stakeholder Consumer-Centric Model

Conceived as a transformational asset for Grupo Bimbo, the Connection Center manages all the interactions with their consumers, clients, and stakeholders. Once in place, it has been working as a central brain, coordinating processes, creating synergies between functional areas, listening to people, managing personalized communications, and generating many types of return for the organization.

Beyond its original purposes as an omnichannel contact center, the Connection Center has evolved into an innovation laboratory, developing many business initiatives based on a human-centered approach and agile creative process.

Results: A Goldmine Full of Actionable Insights

Besides its results as an omnichannel interactive center to manage, centralize and standardize the communications with all the different stakeholders out there, the Connection Center has proven to be the most important innovation and digital transformation asset for the organization. Here are some numbers from 2021:

  • 1.5 million interactions with more than 300k different consumers, clients, and stakeholders
  • +$12 million in direct sales on its Presales Through Whatsapp model
  • 1800 reports containing more than 350 actionable insights, many of which have become later new products, services, initiatives, and platforms.


The Connection Center has been awarded with many recognitions, some for the full organizational asset and some others to initiatives launched from it. One of its business platforms, Presales Through Whatsapp, has been awarded in the Effie Mexico with Gold as best Marketing Innovation Solution of the year, Silver as Business-to-Business Sales initiative, and the 2022 Grand Effie recognition as the Best Campaign of the year in Mexico in terms of business results. Also, the same project has been awarded with Gold as Best Sales Campaign in three different contests: the National CX Awards in Mexico, and the Next Generation CX awards in both its Americas (Orlando) and Global (Malta) 2022 editions. Another of its initiatives, Bimbo Contigo, was awarded with three Golds as Best Crisis Management Campaign in the same contests in Mexico, Orlando, and Malta. Plus, the Connection Center itself has been awarded with Gold as Best Organizational CX and Best Contact Center Design in the Next Generation CX awards in both its Americas (Orlando) and Global (Malta) 2022 editions, competing against big brands from Asia, Europe, America, and the rest of the world. And this is just the beginning.