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Coca-Cola: The Consumer Interaction Center (CIC) is a high-performance one-to-one communication platform

Challenge: Going beyond the consumer

Our global challenge is to achieve omnichannel content through the integration of the Go channel beyond consumer contact, designing true interaction experiences with brand stakeholders, contacting super fans through our SuperFans Managers, taking advantage of the benefits offered by the data extracted from the digital world (Big Data), for the extraction of insights that allow us to generate content in real time every day of the year.

Solution: One message across all channels

Through the active listening of our Intelligence department and the diagramming of the consumer journey, CIC has allowed Coca-Cola to generate relevant content in real time, 365 days a year, as well as to plan customer experience campaigns to communicate with an increasing number of consumers who want to connect with the company and its brands through social media.

In this way, a social engagement platform has been created to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and generate long-term relationships of trust with all audiences.

Results: A constantly evolving and growing digital community

To have a reference of the magnitude of this project, in the Central Latin America region alone, we managed 97 social media channels totaling more than 9 million consumers In addition, during the first half of 2016 we achieved:

  • 899,726 new fans or followers (Equal to a large city).
  • A total of 4,952,842 expressions.
  • 852,463,343 impressions.


In 2013 we were chosen as the Best Entrepreneurial Innovation at the Coca-Cola Company’s World Marketing Awards. In addition, CIC was awarded the Silver Stevie Award, the most important business award in the world, for its innovative relationship platform with its consumers and stakeholders, as well as for the digital management of brands in social networks. Specifically, CIC was recognized in the category Awards for Innovation in Customer Service & Contact Center, for its innovative formula of generating content in real time and interacting with consumers 365 days a year on social networks, websites, email and telephone.

How it works


The Consumer Interaction Center (CIC) is a high-performance one-to-one communication platform

How it works


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